Monster Rod Holders
Promotional Staff Terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in Monster Rod Holders. We strive to maintain positive industry promotions and brand influence in the field and often seek out qualified anglers to help provide assistance in our growth. Please review the following information and complete the linked application below and return as instructed.

Here are the terms and conditions that must be met and agreed to by ALL pro-staff and team members that will qualify you as Monster Rod Holders Pro-Staff team members. If you can not meet all of the following, you may still be considered for a Monster Rod Holder Brand Ambassador position.

1. *First requirement for qualifying for Monster ProStaff or Brand Ambassador is you must already own, believe in, and use at least six Monster rod holders at the time of this application with no other competing rod holder brands on the boat.

2. *You agree to always conduct yourself in a family-friendly and professional manner in the field as well as on social media.

3. You must have a dedicated and active fishing social media site, with at least 1000 Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube followers and/or subscribers.

4. *You must like, follow and share ALL Monster Rod Holders social media posts.

5. *You must post a minimum of one fishing-related subject matter with a Monster Rod Holder image and mention within it per month and at least one Monster Rod Holders product-related video post per quarter to your social media sites.

6. You must agree to provide Monster Rod Holders with a quarterly report of said activities. Email your reports to monsterrodholders@gmail.com Reports will be used to develop content for our social media site and or website press releases promoting our team. Please include photos.

7. You must compete in at least 6 tournament events annually or be an active and licensed guide and wear at least one garment, hat, T-shirt, jersey, etc with Monster Rod Holder logo placements visible.

8. *You place a provided or approved Monster logo decal on your boat in a mutually agreed upon location

* Denoted conditions are the only requirements needed to become a Monster Rod Holder Brand Ambassador.


First Name: Last Name:

Street Address:

City: State/Province: Zip/Postal Code:

Phone: Email Address:

Web Site URL: Avg. Visitors Per Day:

Facebook URL: number of Likes:

Instagram URL: Number of Followers:

YouTube Channel URL: Number of Subscribers:

Other: URL: Number of Followers/Readers:

Other: URL: Number of Followers/Readers:

Number of Tournaments You Participated In Last Year:

Top 5 Tournaments (please list the tournament, followed by what place you finished)

Name of event: Place:

Name of event: Place

Name of event: Place:

Name of event: Place

Name of event: Place:

What Other Teams/Manufactures Do You Currently Represent?

Team 1: Years With Team:

Team 2: Years With Team:

Team 3: Years With Team:

Team 4: Years With Team:

Team 5: Years With Team:

Why do you want to become a Pro Staff Team Member for Monster Rod Holders?

What do you expect from Monster Rod Holders if you’re selected as a Team Member?

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and submit my application for consideration of being a part of Monster rod holders promotional staff.

Signature:                                                                               Date:

Please print clearly. Please address your questions to support@m0nsterrodholders.com

Once completed, please scan and email to support@monsterrodholders.com or print and mail to:
Monster Rod Holders
777 Hwy 434
Lebanon Jct.
Kentucky 40150


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