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Meet the Founder of Monster Rod Holders

I’m Steve Douglas, otherwise known as “The Catfish Dude” on YoutubeFounder and Owner of Monster Rod Holders, and here is how it all started. Long story short, while fishing a catfish tournament on the Ohio River in 2007 I lost the catfish of a lifetime due to a broken rod holder.

Before I could stand up to grab the rod as I saw the initial takedown, the Rod Holder snapped. It happened too quickly; all I could do was watch as the rod and the rod holder were pulled from my boat into the depths.

Now, in my mind, this Monster was over 100 lbs, but in reality, who knows? After that day, I swore it would never happen again, just in case I happened to get lucky and hook another Monster one day.

I immediately went to work on the design and features that I needed for tournament catfishing and made 8 for myself. I used them in 2008 on the national trail, where other anglers saw them and wanted me to also make them some Rod Holders, and it snowballed from there.

Monster Rod Holders set the standard in the catfish tournament industry providing, strength, durability and versatility.

We sponsor many local and regional catfishing tournament organizations throughout the country, promoting the sport of catfishing.

All Monster Rod Holder products are made here in the good Ole U.S.A. The materials used is ½ in. solid steel bent and welded to perform the angles, and coated with a baked on UV resistant rubber, giving you years of protection for your investment.

We are a family owned and operated business located in Kentucky with solid southern old school values. Thanks for considering our product line, we truly appreciate your business.