We make every attempt possible to ensure our inventory is up to date. However we sell a tremendous amount of products through multiple locations, Online portals, physical storefronts, trade and tackle shows, supplying other tackle shops, etc.

There will be times when an item will not be in stock and show it is in stock. In the event this happens, we will do the below by asking you:

1.  Would you like to wait until the product comes in on the next order (Back order). Can take days or up to two weeks.

2.  A product substitute.

3.  Refund your money.

In the end, we want you happy.


Mistakes happen, we are all human.

In the event a price is mislisted on the website, and the item does sell before we catch the mistake, we reserve the right to refund your money under this mistake.  (An example would be) if we were to list a rod rack  by mistake for $99.00 V.S. the correct price of $299.00