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It strong enough to hold you on a spot, but flexible enough for the reverse thrust of the outboard to break it free quickly when needed. (INTRODUCTORY SALE PRICE)



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16 lbs River Anchor

“Get your anchor back 95% of the time!”* – Steve Douglas

Here is the transcript of the video in the product description:

00:00 today I’m going to talk about anchors
00:01 and what anchor I use most when I’m on
00:04 the river this is what I call it hope
00:06 school River anchor these actors have
00:09 been in existence for years I’d imagine
00:13 the Catman the cat fishermen there’s not
00:16 a whole lot of products out there for
00:17 him so he has to kind of come up with
00:19 his own in an innovative products so to
00:23 speak and the anchor has always been one
00:25 of them you know nobody wants to cut an
00:27 anchor up and then that’s the reason that
00:29 this was built the way it is we’ve got
00:31 two features on it that allows you to
00:34 get your anchor back 95% of the time
00:38 first way to hook it is just through the
00:42 the top loop and you tie a couple simple
00:46 knots so the way I did it there may be a
00:49 more correct way out there I don’t know
00:53 but I’ll do a couple overhand knots and
00:57 then I will take on the tag in and make
01:01 another knot and sets it down so that
01:04 cannot ever slip
01:08 while times nothing I also put some
01:10 black tape around it I’ll just tape all
01:12 this up a black tape you can put a chain
01:16 here if you wanted to say here up to
01:20 here is PI under this box and what
01:25 you’re gonna do when you get stuck you
01:27 pull and the force of the motor not the
01:30 force of the current but the force of
01:31 the motor will pull and Bend this time
01:34 out of it
01:35 you’ll get your anchor back you’ll come
01:38 back on us and bend it back you just
01:41 simply push it down and you can bend it
01:45 back any way you want
01:47 so it’ll grab again here’s another
01:51 feature on the monster anchor is this
01:54 islet down here on the bottom now what
01:57 you do with it is have a split link to
02:02 split piece of change we’re gonna put
02:05 the signal split link on and at the
02:09 bottom will change I’m split later and
02:15 then we’re gonna squeeze it together
02:19 make you look a good connection
02:26 this is the different ways to do this
02:31 now that you’ve got some pain the belts
02:33 to the bottom portion of this we’ll use
02:35 a split time clicked I’ll do a text up
02:40 at the top here
02:47 this is not easy but now you got to get
02:49 split ties that are like rated for
02:51 hundreds of pounds of torque and
02:54 somet mes you may have to use a couple
02:56 of them but the idea behind this one is
02:57 when you throw it it snags you throw it
03:01 into the deep and it snags on something
03:04 if you cannot retrieve your anchor just
03:06 by pulling it straight out and you’ll
03:09 see in my description you’ll move the
03:11 boat backwards and the force of this
03:14 chain as you’re coming back will
03:18 actually break under the force of your
03:20 boat ad it brings it straight out the
03:29 way it came therefore get here’s your
03:32 chance to get your anchor back instead
03:34 of cut your have the rope okay guys
03:37 that’s the two ways you can install your
03:39 rope and use your monster actors in the
03:42 river and working the legs to that dig
03:45 in the mud you they’ve got two inches of
03:47 columns building in the mud but this is
03:50 more of a rocky hangy gravel type anchor


*This figure is not an actual estimate – you may lose your anchor if not operated properly and/or depending on the river/lake conditions at the time of usage of the River Anchor.



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