Monster Bait Cutting Board

Monster cutting board is made with Marine grade StarBoard® XL  which is a 100% virgin polymer, marine-grade cellular material and has an excellent surface finish and is up to 30% lighter in weight than most other boards and are made with the exclusive K-Stran™ process for superior consistency and flatness.



• Unique (closed-cell) cellular marine-grade product
• Environmentally stabilized for harsh sun and tough marine environments.
• Will not rot, swell, splinter, or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water.
• Resists odor, even in wet environments.
• Easy to clean and never needs refinishing.
• Matte-textured finish on both sides.



Bait Cutting Board Mount

The Bait Cutting Board Mounts are the newest model for mounting your cutting boards to any boat on the market. Made custom with a Quick-Release pin, this allows for easy removal for both travel and for storage. These Bait Cutting Board Mounts come in 3 different styles:

  • Flat Mount
  • 1″ Round Rail Mount
  • Adjustable Track Rail Mount
    • Can mount on SeaArk, Tracker, G3, War Eagle, Excel, Lowe, Lund, Express and more!

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