The Monster has set the standard in the catfish tournament industry providing, strength, durability and versatility. We are serious when it comes to raising the bar in the sport of catfishing.

As far as we know, there is no other product reward program like this anywhere.

We wanted to bring something to the table that a person would really see the value in. I believe we have done this, and hope you think so too.

A top of the line reward that you will be happy to use, see the value, and more importantly, reward you for your loyalty.


If you purchase $400.00 worth of Monster Rod Holders within a 12 month consecutive period, you will receive TWO, that’s 2 FREE Rod Holders.


Like anything of course, there is the fine print.

Customer must

Reward Program Starts…..  March 1st 2013 – OFFICIAL START DATE OF PROGRAM

  1. You must purchase $400.00 worth of Monster Rod Holder Products. The $400.00 total is from the retail price, not to include shipping cost.
  2. Qualifying products include all products listed in Monster Rod Holders website.
  3. The total of $400 must all be within a consecutive 12 Month period.
  4. You will be responsible for paying the shipping and handling cost on the FREE Rod Holders. At this time it is $15.00 via UPS.
  5. In the event your first order hits the $400.00 mark, the two FREE Rod Holders will be shipped along with your initial paid first order at no additional charge. *LET’S BREAK IT DOWN; if you complete your initial purchase of $400.00 in monster rod holder products, INCLUDING Shipping, we will add you 2 FREE rod holders at no additional charge.
  6.  All Product purchases must be under your name only. No combining orders to reach $400 across multiple people. Must be ordered and purchased by you, only you.



Claiming is easy. Once you have met the minimum order amount of $400 in a consecutive 12 month period, (From the start date) send us your data to: catfishinginfo@gmail.com

Data must include:

  1. Order number
  2. Date Ordered
  3. What was ordered?
  4. Retail Price Paid – not counting shipping.

Once proof of purchase is received, we will check against our invoices and confirm the purchases, and if it matches up, and you meet the $400 requirement, and it falls within a rolling 12 month period, you will be good.

I will contact you; ask what type of Rod Holders you would like, and instruct you where to send the shipping and handling, which is currently at $15.00


The program could be discontinued for numerous reasons, but public announcements will be made in the event such an action would take place. Some reasons it could cease are, but not limited to:

  1. Death.
  2. Economy bust and there is a serious depression such as in the 1920’s.
  3. World War.
  4. Natural Disaster wiping out the good ole state of Kentucky.
  5. etc.

Any questions, feel free to contact me directly.