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Pro Tandem Pac

Now offering left-hand threaded rod holders. https://monsterrodholders.com/product/pro-rig-pair/ The advantage of having a left and right-hand rod holders on your boat is the harder the fish pulls the tighter the rod holder gets locking into position firmly without spinning loose with them massive takedowns. Install the Left-handed thread rod holder on the port side and the right-handed … Continue reading Pro Tandem Pac


2019 catfish-cookoff

Monster Rod Holders New Metallic Look

Be the first to get the new  Monster Rod Holders New Metallic Colors for a limit time only. This is PRE ORDER only. A tentative delivery date of December 10th, 2018 is expected. At this Time we are only offering the 33/45 the 0/33’s with 4-inch stems and the Stampede 22 with 8-inch stem click the link … Continue reading Monster Rod Holders New Metallic Look